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Top 10 Winter Riding Tips

Riding your bike in the winter months can be exhilarating, and maybe a little cold! Making sure you and your bike are prepared for the cold winter months is essential for your safety so we’ve put together ten top tips on what you need to do to be prepared:

Top Ten Winter Riding Tips

1. Check your tyre pressures regularly
2. Whilst you’re checking your tyre pressures also check your tyre tread and replace them if they’re looking a little low
3. Make sure your brakes are working correctly.
4. Lube your chain daily. The excess water and salt will strip them very quickly which could cause problems
5. Check all your lights including indicators
6. Wear high visibility clothing. Reflective clothing is best
7. Wrap up! Make sure you keep warm and dry
8. Use anti-mist sprays or inserts for visors
9. Check your battery condition regularly. The cold weather can soon zap a weak battery
10. Keep your number plate clear from dirt so it can be seen easily

If you need any help with any of our top ten tips then give us a call on 01553 770837 or pop in and see us at our workshop.

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